When Stourhead first opened in the 1740s, a magazine described it as ‘a living work of art’. The world-famous landscape garden has at its centrepiece a magnificent lake reflecting classical temples, mystical grottoes, and rare and exotic trees, and offers a day of fresh air and discovery.


The fields here used to be arable farmland, but now they are being looked after so that they are ideal for wetland birds and other wildlife. We have put in structures to keep the water levels high and have created miles of new ditches and shallow water-filled gutters, and dug out numerous shallow pools or … Read more

Westhay Moor NNR

The NNR consists mainly of restored peat fields and water-filled compartments containing islands with areas of reeds and bulrushes. There are areas of poor fen and also an old fragment of acid mire that is being restored.

Shapwick Heath NNR

 “Shapwick Heath National Nature Reserve is not only a fantastic place to see wildlife, but a monument to the history and ingenuity of Neolithic man preserved through the amazing Sweet Track. It’s a unique window to the past and a place everyone should try to visit.” Phil Holms, Senior Reserve Manager

Somerset Levels and Moors

The Somerset Levels and Moors are unique, timeless and tranquil.  They are dotted with heritage sites, historic towns and echoes from the past; bursting with wildlife under vast skies and home to a vibrant farming, business and arts community.


Somerton is an ancient Saxon town, with a wealth of shops including antiques, gifts, shoes and homewares. Somerton hosts an annual Arts Festival during July, with a variety of music.(see website)


An ancient market town in the heart of Somerset. It retains much of its old world charm and is unique among the many ancient settlements in this remote unspoilt area known as the Somerset Levels and Moors. It is set in a parish of 170 acres and its historical features suggest its earlier importance.

Glastonbury Tor

There are many myths and legends associated with the Tor – it is the home of Gwyn ap Nudd, the Lord of the Underworld and King of the Fairies, and a place where the fairy folk live. In early-medieval times there was a small monks’ retreat on top of the Tor, founded probably in the … Read more